Whoever wants to start a successful business needs someone to give them the financial backing. Whoever wants to invest his money, needs to have a realistic business idea that’s worth the risk. In short: entrepreneurs need investors and investors need companies. Calvary Finance was created with the aim to give investors the unique chance to take part in the lucrative world of peer-to-peer lending.

At this moment Calvary Finance offers two investment plans. Investments for the starter plan commence at $5 and can go up to $500. These investments finance small loans taken by our clients all over the European continent. Lenders pay back these loans within a time-frame of 50 days at an interest percentage of daily 3%. All payments go through Calvary Finance so our clients never need to worry about outstanding payments. (picture of plan STARTER plus hyperlink to the sign up)

  • 3%
  • min deposit - $5.00
  • max deposit - $500.00

The second investment plan is the advanced investment plan. This plan finances lenders in need of a bigger loan in a shorter time span. Because of these reasons, the interest paid is higher. Investors who decided to invest $501 or higher will have a return of 5% daily. (picture of plan ADVANCED plus hyperlink to the sign up)

  • 5%
  • min deposit - $501.00
  • max deposit - $5000.00

Sign up right now, invest and start growing your money on the growing businesses of others.